2. rizzlez:

    'Bass? The power is out, okay? But buddy, I still need you to eat something…'
    Maura & Bass Isles

    (Rizzoli and Isles S01E10 - When The Gun Goes Bang Bang Bang)

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  3. whatisitcalledagain:


    this is hotter than it should be

    I wonder what they’re talking about

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  5. xenaboob:

    I love that Xena has to inspect Gab’s boobs after

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  6. bang-me-dreams:


    Only Gabrielle can get away with doing that

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  7. xenainnuendoisland:

    Think he and Gabrielle are talking about the same thing? I wonder based on the very smug look on Gabs face as she is talking about the “good work”. Not to mention Xena’s smirk and Vidalus eyebrow wiggle. 

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  8. askthehat-ter:

    1.01 Sins of the Past | 6.22 A Friend In Need

    What made you think this was ok?

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  9. heydrichmuller:

    Hottest incarnation of the Chakram ever.

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